Macao Marina Yacht Club

Preliminary study for “Macau Marina Yacht Club”

The design for the construction of the Marina-Yacht Club of Macau has taken on since the beginning a two-fold: one dedicated to users of the Yacht Club and the dock of the Marina and one for a more urban scale, through the integration of the complex within itineraries of the city.
The spaces are designed both for activities related to the Yacht Club and to the docks and berths system and for the activities related to shopping, fitness, entertainment and dining. They are also accessible by temporary visitors, tourists, local residents attracted
by the particular configuration of the whole island and its magnificent location on the water.
Is compared to this dual interface that comes the spatial and architectural solution: the buildings of the Yacht Club and the Congress Hall reach out on the water and interact with the banks and the city, they have highly visible position, they draw your attention to prestigious space for the company’s business and quality shopping and entertainment.
At the same time, the spatial configuration of elements offers the possibility of creating exclusive spaces and reserved for those who frequent the Yacht Club and Marina.
The complex includes the construction of docks for the berths defined by two piers connected to a central square which is surrounded by three buildings: the Yacht Club, the Congress Hall and the Club Hotel. A great coverage is between the central square and the docks for to mediate the transition.
The entire complex is built on two different levels: the level of the dock (at a lower level), and the level of the square (at a higher level).
At the dock level vehicular flows take place (separate from pedestrian), the access road to the island goes down to reach the parking system, in this way the plaza located at the higher level is free from vehicular traffic.
At the dock level there is the shopping Mall, the access to the docks and berths, and the access to buildings.
The vehicular traffic flows are separated from those open to the public and those for private access to the Yacht Club, the berths and parking spaces.
At the top level we find the pedestrian paths; the entire site is regarded as a great public space overlooking the water.
The system of paths leads through a sequence of open and closed spaces.
The docks are imagined as a walk on the waterfront: the north pier, open to the public, allows the walk on the waterfront and ends at the tip with a restaurant.
It is imagined, as the bank in front, like an urban waterfront and a promenade. The south pier (in some area restricted to owners of boats) has services to the docks and a lounge bar. The buildings and public spaces, places on this side, converse with the opposite shore and generate a large Marine Park.
The Yacht Club is notable for its large and spectacular openings in the surface of the building continues, that allow you to illuminate the interior during the day and create light at night.
It is characterized by a privileged view over the water and a large rooftop terrace.
Inside you will find the meeting room, the business center, the restaurant and cafe lounge, the offices of the Marina and the reception.
By the Yacht Club can be accessed directly at the Mall shopping area where there are large areas for shops, a supermarket, restaurants and theme bars.
The Yacht Club has direct access to sports and fitness facilities and large swimming pool.
The pool is protected by the two main buildings, facing directly toward the main watercourse, the pool is equipped with restaurant facilities, changing rooms and gym.
The Congress Hall interacts with the building of the Yacht Club for the shape and position, it looks completely different: it is a meeting place for business and conferences both locally and internationally. The Congress Hall is immediately accessible from the parking level and the floor of the square through a hall provided with bar and bookshop.
The “five star Marine” comes with an exclusive Club Hotel, it is in baricentric position with respect to the Marina and the Yacht Club, is the tallest building in the complex with direct access to the floor of the parking lots and shopping Mall.